Bio products, Italy leader in Europe

Bio products, Italy leader in Europe

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According to data released by Ifoam, international federation of organic farmers, Italy ranks first in Europe among the countries organic producers, with 50 thousand companies. L'organic agriculture it involves more than one million and 100 thousand hectares of land, almost 18.7 percent of the agricultural area. The great success is also endorsed by the 243 DOP, IGP and TSG branded products, by the 521 DOC, DOCG and IGT wines and the more than 4,600 regional specialties that are increasingly well-known in the world.

How much is the market valued for Italian organic?
There is an estimated turnover of 3 billion euros, with about 1.8 billion retail sales in specialized shops, supermarkets, direct sales of agricultural companies in particular oil, wine and fruit and vegetables, home sales and groups of 'purchase. L'biological agriculture nostrana has maintained high sales also in the international context, also becoming the world's largest exporter of organic products for a value that in 2010 exceeded 1 billion euros. Very positive are thedirect sales of farmers: in fact, over 2,000 people offer their products directly to the public in company outlets and markets.

Where the organic product?
Consumption is higher in the regions of the North West and North East even if according to the most recent ISMEA data, the South is also finally recording an increase in consumption. Italy is also the world's leading producer of organic vegetables, cereals and citrus and olives. There are many other i Organic products Italians to be proud of: wine, oil and cheeses which, over the years, have had the privilege of being counted among the most deserving products with numerous world awards.

Another positive index
The number of restaurants they offer is increasingorganic food: today there are over 500, in particular in central Italy and in large cities.

All this corresponds to a lower consumption of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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