The Russian wind can feed Europe

The Russian wind can feed Europe

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The wind of the Russia it could feed Europe. It seems that an Arctic region to the northwest of Russia will be home to a major one wind power plant. The project is called RUSTEC and involves many wind turbines that could export their energy all over Europe. RUSTEC could help Member States to achieve the objectives set in Brussels on renewable.

It is well known thatelectricity produced by wind farms on dry land is cheaper than that produced in offshore parks, given that Europe is moving towardsoffshore wind, the Russian proposal could arouse a lot of interest. The electricity from the Russian park could be very cheap: with the increase in wind speed, the ratio between electricity generated and the cost of wind turbines increases, thus reducing the cost ofwind electricity. In that Arctic region the wind must be blowing very hard!

The cost ofwind energy is calculated using this ratio but the so-called "O&M" item, which stands for "operation and maintenance ". The item O&M affects the cost ofwind energy even if the impact is marginal with respect to the wind speed. The RUSTEC project was inspired by DESERTEC. DESERTEC is a construction project by solar stations in the Sahara Desert, in the north-west of Africa. DESERTEC transmits electric energy to southern Europe.

The reflection of Patrick Willems, project manager of the RUSTEC program, was immediate "Solar energy from Africa powers Europe, so why couldn't Russia's wind energy do it too?". RUSTEC is the fruit of the IFC program for the development of renewable energies in Russia.

THE offshore wind farmstypically produce more electricity than wind farms terrestrial. The wind blows stronger in the open sea, it is true, but some inland locations could be particularly windy enough to overcome the force found in the open sea. THE offshore wind farms provide more costs than terrestrial ones and the O&M item in these cases is not so marginal.

For now, Russia has been famous for its gas pipelines, let's see if thewind industry will be able to get his revenge.

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