Hustler X5, the ebike that feels like a motorcycle

Hustler X5, the ebike that feels like a motorcycle

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There is one electric bicycle which in terms of aesthetics and speed is more like one motorcycle than to one bicycle. The designers of electric bikes they find themselves having to design a vehicle that is less bulky than a motorcycle but also more performing than one bicycle; this rule was completely ignored with the last one ebike proposed by Hanebrink, the electric bicycle which has all the appearance of one motorcycle.

There electric bicycle in question is the Hustler X5, and has a top speed of 130 km / h, this feature makes it theebike faster than ever. The electric motor it is supported by an 82 volt lithium ion battery. It has 14 transmission speeds and a decidedly aerodynamic design. Incredible, the autonomy of Hustler X5 exceeds 300 kilometers.

The question arises, but why one electric motorcycle ranks in the category of ebike?
It has pedals! THE pedals they are well hidden in the inner part of the hull. When the autonomy of the battery is about to run out, nothing prevents the driver from pulling the "electric bicycle"With the power of their legs.

Too bad that the Hustler X5 weighs just under 55 kg. Cycling uphill would be almost impossible. An even more legitimate question: whetherHustler X5 is classified as ebike, then you will not have the need for insurance, road tax and license plate? This is only partially true. The speed of 130 km / h can be reached with that which the Hanebrink defines modality "competition", It is possible that the pilots will have theebike Hustler X5 with a limited speed and to unlock it they will have to "Work a little".

There Hustler X5 will be available from March. It has a frame made of aluminum tubes, there is the possibility of applying various customizations to the external body. There Hustler X5 it will cost about 12,700 euros and to circulate in the "competition" mode you will need a driving license, insurance and license plate.

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