Milan-Ancona in 3 hours with Italo

Milan-Ancona in 3 hours with Italo

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Can the Marche Region, one of the most productive in Italy, not be linked to high speed with Milan, the capital of business? The question is made NTV, which also gave itself an answer: within a few months, June 2013 the forecasts say, and the Lombard capital will be connected to Ancona with 6 Italo trains per day that will cover the route in 3 hours.

Italo Milano-Ancora in 3 hours, with stops in Bologna, Forlì, Rimini and Pesaro. A potential user base of over 1.2 million people according to NTV, which in accordance with the Marche region is ready to ask the manager of the RFI infrastructure the tracks for the new service: three pairs of trains, for a total of six journeys a day.

The activation of this new top line Adriatic ridge will further expand the network of cities served by NTV (from the current 9 for 12 stations it will pass from June to 13 cities, for a total of 16 stations) and will also bring new employment. The trains Italo they will travel from Ancona to Bologna on the traditional Adriatic line, and then enter the Emilian node on the new one High Speed ​​line. In this way the travel time from Milan to Ancona will be reduced to just 3 hours.

“An important date - said the president of the Marche Region on Tuesday 11 December, Gian Mario Spacca, in the press conference to present the new service -. High speed makes a decisive step forward in the competitiveness of our area. Ancona-Milan in 3 hours. We are the most manufacturing region in Italy and a quick connection with Milan was not only essential, but urgent. We are overcoming the serious infrastructural gap that has characterized our region over the decades by large strides. Third lane of the highway, three crossways towards the Tyrrhenian Sea and, now, high speed for Milan: a decisive contribution to the growth of our economic system and a fundamental service for the entire community ".

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