The Italian green economy

The Italian green economy

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Despite the global crisis, the US employment rate continues to rise. The 2012 budget saw an increase of 110,000 new jobs offered by the green economy while in Italy the situation continues to be dramatic.

For the United States, 2012 was the year of elections, fires, droughts and hurricanes ... without considering the economic crisis that grips the markets of the globe. Despite the full recession, US companies operating under the green economy, have carried out over 300 projects with the creation of about 110 thousand jobs.

The industry of sustainable mobility and the sector ofenergy efficiency, have proven to be a tangible value for global economic growth. While numerous US companies live on green economy, in Italy the sector of sustainability falls apart. The Italian economy is still focusing on fossil fuels and the outgoing government has left its marks on renewable energies with a negative balance that should be promptly corrected.

In Italy, the renewable are undervalued, the old government considered theclean energy only in terms of costs to be incurred and not in terms of jobs created. The government of technicians has also ignored the drop in the wholesale price of electricity and the reduction of harmful emissions. These non-assessments have produced a recessive effect onItalian economy which is already in dramatic decline.

The Italian government has preferred to invest in Banks; with its operations "save banks " he forgot the investments in renewable dating back to 2011, in the space of a year, against 4 billion euros of incentives, generated 39 billion euros of gross domestic product and 40 billion euros of investments with a strong economic movement.

With the slender growth of the green economy, pollution increases and the environmental risk: the lack of one sustainable energy strategy forcefully reopens the road in search of new sites and the extraction of hydrocarbons present in Italian deposits.

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